UNIT 3 reflection on Facebook and Twitter

I am struggling to understand the relevance of Twitter and Facebook, as opposed to emailing, as a mediation between teachers and students. I feel that too little time is used interfacing with students anyway and to utilize another medium is indirect and time-wasting. Accessing contacts for me personally as a teaching professional is worthwhile as it broadens my network and allows me to keep in contact with ideas and conferences I am interested in. I use Facebook personally for my continuing relationship with friends and family mainly through photographs and brief messages.


Facebook and Twitter are both blocked from the students, but not from the teaching staff.


Realizing your Fears

Much has been written in self help books about overcoming your fears to become a better person. Well writing a blog for the first time and analysing whether I have something worthwhile to say is possibly an existing fear. Having read The Full Catastrophe by Tracey Leonard of a young woman who worked with the poor in India, makes me feel that it is easier to be brave, invincible and fearless when you are young.  Going out on a limb, is more difficult the more you know about life. If it is possible to start at the end of your life and move forward, I would like to think that my eulogy begins with she faced many challenges  without fear or reservation .…..

UNIT 2 response

My current technology, if I can be so bold to use that term, is cutting and pasting url sites and resources into Sharepoint and keeping them categorised, and accessible when writing new curricula work. I can see the enormous benefits of using Evernote and Diigo for a vast variety of materials, in and beyond the classroom. Accessing and organising information quickly and dispersing it quickly to a group is possibly its greatest strength.
Teaching workflow and organisational techniques is vital to students and teachers alike as we tend to have so much information, it is difficult to access when needed..I think. Having not used either of these in my teaching practice, I envisage that it would be practical to have Evermore as a repository as a virtual library, enabling students to access material.
Teaching work-flow and organization techniques to students is an important task. Some students are organized; whereas, others have a approach not unlike my own.
Presently some teachers at school are beginning to use Diigo and Evernote, so the task of teaching work-flow and organisation skills will start to be shared across the curriculum. This will create a consistent approach as students become more comfortable with using the calendar and turning in their work on-line, using links and communicating with their teachers and peers.

At present I can’t teach students these computer skills unless my own are better developed which I hopefully will develop through the PLN Course, by improving my work-flow, organisation and sharing of information. Also I would like these processes to be more efficient as they are taking an inordinate amount of time.

Here is the link to my very first blog…..https://bernmalouf.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=46&action=edit&message=10